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Hatch endorses Inner Development Goals (IDGs), a global and non-profit framework for inner development that encompasses skills and qualities that enhance our relationship with ourselves, our thinking, our connections, our collaboration, and our ability to create positive change. 
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world by 2030. However, progress towards these goals has been disappointing, due to a lack of inner capacity to deal with complex challenges. Fortunately, modern research shows that these inner abilities can be developed, as the Inner Development Goals initiative demonstrates.
The IDGs provide a framework of essential skills and qualities for future-proof leaders. The IDGs framework is organized around five dimensions: personal, interpersonal, organizational, systemic, and global. These dimensions represent the key areas of human development that are essential for sustainable development.
The IDGs initiative is co-created with ongoing input from experts, scientists, practitioners, and organizations around the world.
Hatch advocates at a local and international level, providing a platform for co-creation with leaders of some of the worlds largest companies.

All Hatch programs, events, and workshops are aligned with one or more IDGs.


Inner Development


Being — Relationship to Self

Cultivating our inner life and developing and deepening our relationship to our thoughts, feelings and body help us be present, intentional and non-reactive when we face complexity.

Thinking — Cognitive Skills

Developing our cognitive skills by taking different perspectives, evaluating information and making sense of the world as an interconnected whole, is essential for wise decision-making.

Relating  — Caring for Others and the World

Appreciating, caring for and feeling connected to others, such as neighbors, future generations or the biosphere, helps us create more just and sustainable systems and societies for everyone.

Collaborating  — Social Skills

To make progress on shared concerns, we need to develop our abilities to include, hold space and communicate with stakeholders with different values, skills and competencies.

Acting  — Enabling change

Qualities such as courage and optimism help us acquire true agency, break old patterns, generate original ideas and act with persistence in uncertain times.

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