How to Lead with Care in an AI World

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Connecting DT's Leadership Anchor #CaringPerformer with the Inner Development Goal Relating using improvisation and simulations


Deutsche Telekom


Interactive session for 100+ participants

7 x Collaboration workshops

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November 9, 2023

We were invited to be part of the 2-day conference on the topics of AI hosted in Athens by DT and we delivered an interactive session exploring the concept of leading with care in an AI-driven world. By weaving together appreciation, connectedness, humility, and empathy-driven behaviors, we aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by Deutsche Telekom’s leadership. Rather than relying on conventional tools, we opted for an unconventional approach, inviting three improvisation actors to simulate and facilitate experiential encounters with the real-world leadership challenges and obstacles faced when implementing AI.

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This program focuses on three crucial aspects of navigating AI's integration into the workplace:

  1. Addressing human apprehensions regarding AI
  2. Fostering effective collaboration between AI and humans
  3. Recognizing the enduring value of natural intelligence and human capabilities

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