Courageous Attitude

In short

Courageous Attitude is designed to cultivate and empower essential skills and mindset necessary to grow as a project manager




One workshop day

2 x one hour group coaching and networking session

3 x podcasts (approx 30 minutes each)

3 x on the job challenges (depending but average 15-30 minutes per challenge)


June 14, 2023

Develop a Courageous Attitude

Join the second track of the PM Bootcamp,  designed to cultivate and empower project managers with essential skills and mindsets. Develop a courageous attitude and self awareness, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities crucial for successful project execution. Learn from industry experts, gaining invaluable insights and real-world knowledge. Practice and network with a diverse group of project managers, fostering collaboration, ongoing support, and continuous improvement.

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Why consider joining this track?

As a project manager, you face daily challenges, including project delays, customer communication, and internal team issues. Take charge of project success by joining our track, where you will master handling difficult situations through practical exercises, including real or anonymous cases. Additionally, we will equip you with a "To Be" list, empowering you to enhance Presence, Courage, Candor, and Transparency, fostering a courageous attitude and elevating your project management skills.

What is the connection between having a Courageous Attitude and High Performing Teams?

The program's emphasis on mastering difficult conversations and fostering transparency can lead to better collaboration and communication within the team, promoting a healthy team dynamic.

A courageous attitude developed through the track allows project managers to address conflicts and challenges constructively, ensuring smoother team interactions and problem-solving which leads to high performance.

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