About us

We are living in exciting times.

New realities and technologies rapidly and radically change the way we live and work. Fast-paced digitalization increases our convenience, boosts our efficiency and rockets our productivity. It however also amplifies our dependency. In the new normality and comfort of our digital lives we tend to neglect our ability to think critically, act purposefully and connect meaningfully. Yet it’s these innate human capabilities you need in order to adapt and thrive through all the challenges the future will bring. That's why Hatch helps you cultivate your unique abilities that technology can’t replicate. During immersive learning experiences and real life experiments you strengthen your creativity, curiosity, imagination, as well as empathy, human communication and resilience.

Human capability – future-proof yourself

So, which skills are 'future-proof'?
Finely attuned social and emotional skills will be in high demand to counter or balance the adoption of these advanced technologies. For example, those skills that machines are miles away from mastering – courage, creativity, critical thinking, communication, empathy, initiative, intuition, decision-making, resilience and leadership.McKinsey has estimated that by 2030 demand for these skills will have grown by 26% and 22% in the US and Europe respectively. We're born with some of these skills, such as empathy, but others we can acquire and hone, for example creativity, communication or cross-cultural collaboration.One particular skill – initiative-taking – belongs to the fastest-growing category: 33% in the US and 32% in Europe. Demand for courageous leadership and effective management combined with highly attuned communication skills will also grow significantly. In short, a shift towards higher cognitive skills. By 2030, demand for higher cognitive skills such as creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, imagination, decision-making and complex information processing will have grown by 19% and 14% in the US and Europe respectively. Conversely, demand for basic cognitive skills such as literacy and numeracy will decline rapidly as automation advances.

Our team & advisors

Advisor Hatch Strategy
Patrick Alders
Director of Learning Development
Suruchi Srikanth
Advisor Hatch growth
Ferdinand Koelewijn
Hatch incubator
Mary Jane Roy
Advisor Hatch experience
Frank van den Brink
Advisor learning development
Binnaz Cubukcu
Founder & chief science
Roanne van Voorst
Founder & ceo
Martijn Boomsma