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Hi, we are Hatch
A boutique Human Development Studio enhancing emotional, cognitive and interpersonal competencies.
Individual because inward reflection is the cornerstone for personal growth. It helps you understand your own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

In-group because as humans we are destined to work in teams. By working together, humans can leverage their strengths, overcome limitations, and achieve more significant outcomes than they could on their own.

Based in Amsterdam we are internationally focused and work as a distributed team with the world’s best changemakers, organizational designers and creators.

We research, create Hatch Labs, learning programs, events and media products that touch participants emotionally, physically and intellectually.




The age of autonomy and connectivity demands a whole new skillset.

Leaders must adapt their strategies and styles to effectively guide increasingly autonomous teams within a hyper-connected world, ensuring they remain relevant and successful in a rapidly evolving landscape.
Break free from old-school leadership and start amplifying the voices around you.

Free the collective genius: empower your team and watch innovation soar.
Your internal world shouldn't be a battleground. 

Your mind is a wild jungle of thoughts, emotions, and old patterns. Let's equip you with a compass to find clarity and the mental machete skills to blaze a trail towards the focus and peace you deserve.
The world won't change itself; it's time to shake things up. 

Challenge the status quo, ask the bold questions, and pave the way for a future that breaks free from "the way it's always been done."
Color outside the lines, roar against injustice, and dance to the weirdest tunes. 

Embrace creativity, courage, compassion, and the delicious absurdity of life.
Your work should be a place to thrive, not just survive.

Humanize workplaces, prioritize well-being, and create environments where people flourish
Growth doesn't happen in your comfort zone.

Embrace the challenge, the discomfort, the moments that stretch you. Step outside your comfort zone, because that's where true transformation happens.
Success isn't always a straight line.

Trust the process, embrace the detours, and celebrate the progress along the way




Aafke de Groot
Head of Programs & senior trainer
Wes Adams
Director of North America
Martijn Boomsma
Emma Pellegrino
Project Manager
Bahghi Yemane
Resident artist
Resident Artist
Sara Biatchinyi
Visual Creative




Our co-creation approach is centered on impact.
We partner with you to uncover the specific results you seek, then collaborate with stakeholders and learners to design a learning program that not only resonates but also delivers those outcomes.

Each co-creation is a unique project, Crafted to achieve your desired impact.

1. Empathize: Walk in Their Shoes
Dive deep into the learners' world.  Through immersive interviews, ethnographic observation (where we learn by observing learners in their natural environment), and dynamic focus groups, we uncover their true needs and align our learning strategy with their realities.

2. Co-create: Empower Learners as Partners
Collaboration is key. We actively involve stakeholders and future participants throughout the creation of our learning programs. Their insights and perspectives enrich the design process and ensure the final product resonates deeply with their needs and aspirations.

3. Pilot and Iterate: Test in the Real World
Ideas are great, but real-world testing is essential.  By piloting our programs, we gain invaluable insights into their actual impact. We embrace an iterative approach, using feedback to refine and perfect the learning experience, ensuring its success.

4. Measure Impact: Celebrate Success and Drive Engagement
Data tells a story. We measure the impact of our programs, quantifying their effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.




... A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words

Here’s some of them.