Take control of your own situation and be a leader in bringing change through courageous decision-making

Strengthen your ability to take control of the future and become the person bringing change to the table.

Hatch offers immersive learning experiences created by business leaders, scientists and artists for leaders to future-proof themselves.

We'll get you ready to take on the world and make your mark.

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Become future-flexible through immersive learning experiences

Real-life experiments

Play and learn – using your personal or work life as a practice ground.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that we use only scientifically proven methods.


Meet and work with likeable and like-minded individuals.

Our programmes:

Hatch offers experiential learning experiences to (future) leaders to become future-proof, stay ahead of the game and change the world of work - from the inside out. Our programmes are science-based and built by business-anthropologists, artists, entrepreneurs and futurists.

Muscle up your courage

Enabling change agents to challenge the status quo and make more courageous decision in work and personal life.

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Courageous Leadership

Develop the strategies and skills needed to be a future proof leader

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Un-machine yourself

For humans to stay ahead of machines, to strengthen your human capability for a more humane world.

Coming in 2022

Ditch the distractions

Empowering busy professionals to focus on the things that matter most in an increasingly distracting world.

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