The world of work is changing rapidly, whether it’s digital transformation, the energy transition or a more inclusive work environment.

Many of the jobs we know today will disappear because an algorithm or robot can do the work far more efficiently or because there'll simply no longer be any demand. Conversely, many new jobs will emerge that we can't even conceive of today!

As individuals, we'll have to strengthen existing skills and acquire new ones, and as organizations, we'll have to rethink how we arrange and manage the workplace of the future.

Hatch offers immersive learning experiences to Change agents, Leaders and Companies to future-proof themselves in these fast paced times.

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Become future-flexible through immersive learning experiences

Real-life experiments

Play and learn – using your personal or work life as a practice ground.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that we use only scientifically proven methods.


Meet and work with likeable and like-minded individuals.

Our programmes:

We offer programmes to professionals, (future) leaders and change agents to strenghten your human capability for more creative, courageous leadership and focus on the things that matter to you in an increasingly distracting world.

Muscle up your courage

Enabling change agents to challenge the status quo and make more courageous decision in work and personal life.

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Ditch the distractions

Empowering busy professionals to focus on the things that matter most in an increasingly distracting world.

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Un-machine yourself

For humans to stay ahead of machines, to strengthen your human capability for a more humane world.

Summer 2021

Why is this important

There’s an urgent need for reskilling.

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