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leaders nurturing human advantage and fostering ingenuity

Empowering transformation through personalized leadership development in Amsterdam's vibrant hub with workshops, programs, and unforgettable events.

Fuel your growth with our dynamic online and offline learning experiences while infusing compassion into your journey. Build courage, ignite creativity, and cultivate curiosity for a limitless future as you become a leader who not only excels but also cares for others.

Why we founded Hatch


Become future-flexible through immersive learning experiences

Real-life experiments

Play and learn – using your personal or work life as a practice ground.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that we use only scientifically proven methods.


Meet and work with likeable and like-minded individuals.

Workshops & Programs

Unlock your potential with Hatch's experiential learning experiences. Transform into a future-proof leader and drive change in the world of work through memberships, programs, and workshops designed for organizations and their teams

Unlearning old habits and patterns is becoming an essential leadership skill in this digital age of constant change and uncertainty, allowing leaders to create new values and beliefs to navigate the unknown and achieve new successes with their teams."

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The Courageous Leadership program empowers leaders to develop the necessary strategies and skills to become future-proof by strengthening their personal power, attitude, trust-building capabilities, and seizing opportunities

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The Un-Machine Collective is a unique program designed for driven and curious individuals seeking to unplug from the instantaneous convenience of digital life and connect meaningfully through 100% human-powered encounters, special events, coaching, and surprises, all geared towards creating a more sustainable humanity."

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The Trust Gardener workshop equips leaders with the skills to rebuild broken trust and cultivate a trust-centered work environment, which is essential for success in both personal and professional relationships, and future-focused leadership

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