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Dare2Care is an interactive online experience about compassionate leadership for the executives of Deutsche Telekom.


Hatch Lab


120 minutes online experience

Special podcast

Caring Performer Week Challenge

Recap video


Deutsche Telekom


Unlock and cultivate a compassionate workplace in this online experience with practical tips and strategies for driving results while fostering a compassionate workplace culture.

We invite you to explore the evolution of management, demonstrating how the most successful leaders balance both compassion and performance. Based on compelling insights backed with data and science, we'll show you how to become a compassionate leader using the tools of Presence, Courage, Candor and tTansparency.

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What’s in it for you:

  • You’ll be inspired of the importance of compassionate leadership in modern business environments
  • You’ll deep dive into "Caring Performance Compass" fueled with practical exercises in order to operate compassionately when doing hard things
  • You’ll get practical tips and stategies to create your own "to Be" list
  • You’ll build a renewed sense of confidence in your leadership skills to build a more fulfilling and thriving workplace culture.

In this workshop we combine self-reflection, group-work activities and a bit of art, too!

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