By conducting interviews, ethnographic observations, and focus groups, we unveil the human stories within organizations, revealing the emotions, motivations, and aspirations that drive individuals and shape the collective culture.
Learning Program Development
We craft our co-created immersive learning programs to ensure results.
We balance strategy and participant needs, focusing on the human aspect of change and how to enhance human capabilities. Our programs often consist of multiple layers of workshops, podcasts, micro-learnings, and on-the-job assignments.

Our co-creation approach is centered on impact.
We partner with you to uncover the specific results you seek, then collaborate with stakeholders and learners to design a learning program that not only resonates but also delivers those outcomes.
Each co-creation is a unique project, Crafted to achieve your desired impact.

1. Empathize: Walk in Their Shoes
Dive deep into the learners' world.  Through immersive interviews, ethnographic observation (where we learn by observing learners in their natural environment), and dynamic focus groups, we uncover their true needs and align our learning strategy with their realities.

2. Co-create: Empower Learners as Partners
Collaboration is key. We actively involve stakeholders and future participants throughout the creation of our learning programs. Their insights and perspectives enrich the design process and ensure the final product resonates deeply with their needs and aspirations.

3. Pilot and Iterate: Test in the Real World
Ideas are great, but real-world testing is essential.  By piloting our programs, we gain invaluable insights into their actual impact. We embrace an iterative approach, using feedback to refine and perfect the learning experience, ensuring its success.

4. Measure Impact: Celebrate Success and Drive Engagement
Data tells a story. We measure the impact of our programs, quantifying their effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.
Our team of experts designs programs and Hatch Labs always combining capabilities from each of the columns in the Humanizing Matrix.
Hatch Labs
At Hatch Labs, we transform your leadership through emotional connection, experience-driven insights, and playful collaboration. We address today's most pressing leadership challenges, such as navigating disruption, generational shifts, cross-border collaboration, and digital transformation and innovation.Immerse yourself in learning at Hatch Labs.

We ditch screens and PowerPoints for practical experiences that spark your mind, body, and emotions. Discover, connect, and challenge yourself in ways no ordinary training can.

We offer Hatch Labs both online as in person.
Hatch has an in-house studio for audio, video, and livestreams. We produce human-centered learning materials, podcasts, and videos. We can also host our online workshops from our livestream studio.





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