The Leadership Legend

In short

The Leadership Legend: Customer Centric Leadership Embark on an Immersive Leadership Journey!


Deutsche Telekom


2 hour online learning experience

Live narration

Interactive and gamified Miro board

Interactive break out sessions

20-40 participants per time (scalable to 1000 participants per Month)


May 7, 2024

Join us for a unique experience, presented by levelUP! and Hatch, as we explore Customer Centric Leadership through the lens of Meaningful Leadership. This program is designed for both customer-facing and non-customer-facing leaders who seek to cultivate a deeply meaningful and customer-centric work environment.

What will your experience be?

Discover your Leadership Anchor  "Delight Your Customers," with the three pillars of meaning:  Community, Contribution, and Challenge. Understand how these pillars directly connect to Customer Centric Leadership.

Acquire actionable tools to deepen customer relationships, build loyalty, support radical transparency, and motivate high performance from your team.

Immersive and Scientifically Backed Experience: Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind learning experience, backed by scientific research on positive psychology and leadership development.

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The Leadership Legend is a unique immersive learning experience. It’s a gamified journey  where we navigate our way to winning customers’ hearts, by creating meaning for our employees. 

Wes Adams, internationally renowned researcher on positive psychology and author of the book "Meaning at Work," shares his profound insights into the power of meaning and its profound impact on leadership and customer experience.

The Leadership Legend is presented by Hatch. Hatch is a Human Development Studio that aims to Humanize Humans. Hatch promotes empathy and connection, supports well-being and mental health, encourages collaboration and unity and facilitates personal growth by embracing and practising humanization.

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