The Trust Gardener

In short

‍Trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in your relationships, and trust in your colleagues.




One workshop day

2 x one hour group coaching and networking session

3 x podcasts (approx 30 minutes each)

3 x on the job challenges (depending but average 15-30 minutes per challenge)


April 20, 2023

Life is Founded on Trust

Trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in your relationships, and trust in your colleagues. However, when trust is shattered, it can be challenging to know what to do next. Can you rebuild and begin anew, or has the damage been irreversible? Learn to navigate broken trust and strengthen relationships through understanding and communication.

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Why consider becoming a Trust Gardener?

Creating a safe and secure work environment is crucial for building trust. This workshop provides a hands-on approach to achieving that, starting with fostering a trust-filled environment within the program itself. By experiencing the benefits of a trust-centred work culture, you will learn why being a Trust Gardener is essential for success in professional life.

What is the connection between "Trust Gardening" and High Performing Teams?

As a Trust Gardener, you have the potential to elevate your organization and work environment to new heights. By fostering a safe and trustworthy workplace, you'll create a setting where work can flourish. With a natural curiosity and a desire to assist others, you'll excel in uncertain situations and be motivated to share your knowledge. Just as a Trust Gardener tends to their trust-seeds, you will nurture and cultivate trust within your workplace, positioning yourself as a visionary leader with an eye towards the future

Key learnings:

  • What is trust;
  • How does a culture of trust grow;
  • Turning challenges and differences into opportunities;
  • How to create and cultivate a culture of trust.

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