Hatch Spoken Word - Charlotte Walker performing Life Like

Charlotte Walker performing Life Like

Lottie Walker is a writer and cultural critic based at the University of Cambridge. She has a BA in Literary and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam, and began working with Hatch while living in the Netherlands. Through a creative response to immersive learning, Lottie hopes to encourage creativity in the workplace and emphasize the new perspectives available to us through art, film, and literature.

For Deutsche Telekom's Compassionate Leadership workshop - Dare2Care, Lottie created the poem and spoken word piece "Life Like." She performed it live during each session, and we asked London-based producer Kola Bello from SAL Studios to make a video of the performance as part of the Un-Machine Collective collection of art.

The video, which can be seen here, is a powerful and moving exploration of the human experience. It is a reminder that we are all connected, and that we should treat ourselves and each other with compassion and understanding


Exec Producer: Martijn Boomsma

Producer: Kola Bello

Production Company: SAL Studios

Artist: Lottie Walker

Actors: Abu Dumbuya, Carole Boletti

Camera: Abu Dumbuya

Edit: Abu Dumbuya

Sound: SAL Studios

Location Provider: Peerspace

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