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How can resilience prepare us for uncertainty? How can team building lay the foundation for a resilient workplace? When do we persist in the face of adversity and when do we walk away? In this episode, poet in residence Lottie Walker investigates resilience. What’s the difference between resilient teams and resilient people? What can Greek myths teach us about endurance and the human experience?

In How to Hatch, Lottie takes a closer look at our human skills with the help of film, literature and art. We can learn a lot from the culture we surround ourselves with. Creativity is an indicator of how we think and feel, how we relate to and communicate with each other. Let’s find out how we can understand our skills through culture. In the coming episodes we’ll be taking a look at failure, empathy, uncertainty and intuition through cartoons, classical music and more.

Lottie Walker is a writer and cultural critic based at the University of Cambridge. She has a BA in Literary and Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam and began working with Hatch whilst living in The Netherlands. Through a creative response to immersive learning Lottie hopes to encourage creativity in the workplace and emphasise the new perspectives available to us through Art, Film and Literature.

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