Hatch Breakfast Leadership & AI Aftermovie

How would you feel if your manager likes a LinkedIn post about jobs (including yours) that will be replaced by AI?

Last Wednesday we hosted a sold out Hatch Breakfast on Human(e) Leadership and AI.

With Daniël Siahaya talking about AI opportunities and Joris Van Heukelom talking on the ethical and flip side.Last but not least we enjoyed listening to Kelvin Aongola on how his company uses AI for search and rescue missions.We discussed how companies and their leaders should be radically transparant about AI experiments within their organization. As well as forming AI experiment teams consisting of tech, ethics and human development specialists. Not only tech!Because we believe humans are not the problem, yes they cause problems… but it’s the imperfections that makes us perfect.

At the same time bringing AI to the workplace we need to strengthen our human capabilities.Of course there was also great food by Kometen Brood Café and amazing live performances from the talented Bahghi and Shakespearean William Sutton and DJ Fly.Thank you for coming!

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