Hatch Invites: 2024

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WHY: Self-reflection, inspiration and knowledge are the key..... And of course a lot of fun!

WHAT: Enjoy an amazing event with inspirational talks and live performances in the company of like-minded people.

WHERE: Science Park 608 / at the heart of Amsterdam's AI & Quantum computing scene

WHEN: 31st January - 14:00 - 17:00 (DJ and drinks afterwards until 18:00)

Many organizations see endless opportunities to make things better, healthier, smoother, and more efficient. They are often excited about artificial intelligence. We at Hatch believe that technology will never distinguish the potential of organizations unless you relentlessly focus on the potential of the Humans within.

Our focus is to put a spotlight on the potential of humans. Humans as individuals, humans in group, humans in relation to technology. We call it Humanizing Humans.

At Hatch we believe it should be the main topic of your agenda in 2024. 

Humanizing humans is about self-awareness and direction, about collaborating in groups, about fears and fantasies. About the imperfections that make us perfect. To share our focus and insight we would like you to attend “Hatch invites 2024"

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Why it's a great idea to attend this session:

  • Celebrate the new year with us!
  • Learn about the Hatch plans for 2024
  • Interesting speakers from Europe and USA talking about Meaningful Leadership, Inner Development Goals and Humanizing leadership in times of rapid AI disruption
  • Surprising elements that we are not going to spoil ;-)
  • Performances by our talented Hatch Residents artists
  • Of course, there will also be pairing bites and drinks from our resident chef Julia
  • A chance to meet like-minded and interesting people and expand your network within the Hatch community.


Hosted by Kevin Miller

Meaningful Leadership - Wes Adams

Every job can – and should – be meaningful with the help of a great leader.

We all want our work to be meaningful - to believe that our work matters, that we matter to our team, and that we are developing our potential. Decades of research show that meaning at work isn't a "nice-to-have", but instead is the driving force for individual and organizational thriving. While some resources exist to help individuals find more meaning at work for themselves, very little guidance has been available to help leaders leverage the gravitational power of meaningful work.

Wes Adams, CEO of SV Consulting Group, author, and researcher, will share evidence-based practices for creating companies where everyone experiences more meaning at work. His groundbreaking research, in partnership with University of Pennsylvania and Colorado State University, is the first to examine how leadership practices and organizational structures impact employees' experience of meaning at work. And that impact is staggering… nearly 50% of an individual’s sense of meaning can be tied to what their leaders do - or don’t do.

Inner Development Goals - Joris van Heukelom

The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) are a framework for individual and collective development that aims to cultivate the skills and qualities necessary to create a more sustainable and compassionate world, increasing the chances to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals collectively. The IDGs are based on the understanding that inner development is essential for outer transformation. In order to address the complex challenges we face as a society, we need to change the way we think, feel, and act. The IDGs provide a roadmap for this transformation.

The IDG framework consists of five dimensions:

  • Being: Cultivating our inner life and developing our relationship with our thoughts, feelings, and body. This helps us be present, intentional, and non-reactive when facing complexity.
  • Thinking: Developing our cognitive skills and qualities, such as critical thinking, creativity, and systems thinking. This allows us to understand complex issues and make informed decisions.
  • Relating: Building strong relationships with others, based on empathy, compassion, and mutual respect. This is essential for creating a more cooperative and collaborative society.
  • Collaborating: Working effectively with others to achieve common goals. This requires strong communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Acting: Taking action to create positive change in the world. This requires courage, resilience, and a commitment to social justice.

Humanizing Leadership in an AI world - Aafke de Groot

Nurturing human leadership qualities is essential for businesses to thrive in these times of rapid disruption because of AI. Emotional intelligence, creativity, and adaptability empower leaders to cultivate a productive, passionate, and fulfilled workforce, fostering a sustainable and equitable society

Live performances by Bahghi, BLESZ, William Sutton, chef Julia and many more!

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