Project Ready

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Onboarding journey to help engineers and project managers succeed when working in new cultures. The goal is to help understand cultural differences, communication styles, and how to build trust.


Vanderlande APAC / Academy


2 x unique audiobooks including over 10 guests speakers, leaders and customers

7 x microlearnings

1 x assignment


October 2, 2023

Project Ready is an essential tool for engineers and project managers as it fosters clear communication and collaboration, paving the way for successful projects and a more gratifying work environment. By streamlining communication and enhancing teamwork, Project Ready empowers engineers and project managers to avoid misunderstandings, build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients, and ultimately achieve project goals more effectively. This not only leads to improved project outcomes but also cultivates a more positive and engaging work experience for all involved.

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This journey offers valuable insights into fostering humility, patience, and respect when adapting to a new workplace and culture. It also emphasizes the importance of building trust with new clients. Additionally, local colleagues provide practical tips for living and working in a new country, encompassing recommendations for good bars and restaurants as well as guidance on understanding cultural differences.

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