Martijn Boomsma

Founder & ceo

Entrepreneur by heart with years of experience in e-learning development, game development and publishing. During his last adventure he created a concept where people design their lives using elements of flow and design thinking. To find little things and then experiment with them. As scientists already know: experiments eventually, after failing and many retries, lead to breakthroughs. Working in a tech world he sees similarities in how our convenient way of living not only affects us physically (Overweight to name one example), but also mentally. In a way we are spoiling our brains with computers, AI and robots. These times need us to be more humane. But what makes humans? These are our innate and developed human capabilities such as creativity, curiosity, resilience, courage, adaptability, sense making, critical thinking, social intelligence, empathy, imagination and teaming. Together with a group of like minded souls he started Hatch: a studio to develop and train these human capabilities. Free of abstraction, fluffiness and cynicism. With ambition, urgency, guts, a lot of fun and embracing opportunities.