The Un-Machine Yourself Collective

The momentum is building.
The change is around us.
The driving forces behind the change, will be the leaders of the future

As a leader, you have the responsibility and the opportunity to navigate through this complex world in a way that sets an example, and creates a ripple effect. We invite you to join the transformation.

To support you in the journey to more sustainable humanity, we have created a collective unlike any other: Un-Machine Yourself.

Hand picked: 100% human-powered encounters. Up to 3 per Month.
Inspiration: Special events , art, books, coaching and our podcast series.
Super relevant topics: Things you need to know now and experiences to understand what is required in the future
Surprises: The future is full of surprises. And we love them. Spoiler alert: think personal gifts, dinner/lunch/breakfast gatherings and creative experiences.

Curated encounters

An essential part of the membership is our ability to connect you with fellow members and partners of the collective. We will carefully connect you with your peers, inspirational human beings, or straight on opportunities based on the onboarding questions and intake meeting.

Art & Creativity

Meet new artists from all over the world and experience art in it's many forms, from spoken-word, music, paintings, video and installations.

Live events

Online and Real-life meetings to connect, network, watch and listen to a diverse mix of inspirational speakers from all over the world. And enjoy a special Hatch box packed with surprises and deliciousness!
You will also receive an extra invite to bring a friend or co-worker.
Curated encounters
Unique content, curated on learnings of day for tomorrow
Surprise gift packages
Live events
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Why The Un Machine Yourself Collective?

90% of your learning doesn't happen during training or workshops. It occurs when you apply your skills.
As we grow older, we start to develop comfortable habits and patterns. To strengthen our human capability and develop our brains, we need to break out of this comfort.

We created this collective to get inspired, listen to different perspectives and burst your creativity.
An essential part of our collective to meeting new people every month. Based on our intuition and imagination, we will introduce you to someone, so you can build your network, mentor, and inspire each other.
That's what we call curated encounters.

If you have any questions check the FAQ below or feel free to book an online meeting with me here.

Welcome to the future!
Martijn Boomsma


Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

The collective is about meeting new and interesting people. Opportunities are waiting for you!

Is there a minimum period for the membership?

No, you can cancel and pause your membership at any time. After three months of membership, you will receive your first invitation for a live event. We also offer three an annual membership for a discounted price.

What kind of support will I be getting by becoming a member?

After your application and everything is in order, we will contact you for a personal meeting. We will explain everything and get you started with the first introduction during this meeting. Not long after, you will receive your first surprise. Are you excited already?

I have no money - can I still join?

If you are an artist, refugee, startup entrepreneur, or student, please send an email to with your motivation for joining our collective.

What happens when I decide to cancel my membership?

It's always possible to cancel or pause your membership at any time. We will credit you the remaining amount daily.

Can I access the content released during my membership after I cancel?

Yes, the content we send you during your membership is yours to keep.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

Yes, at any time, you can decide to go for the three month or annual membership. We will credit the price difference.
Upon request

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