Trust Gardener

Life is founded on trust.
Trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in your relationships, and trust in your colleagues. However, when trust is shattered, it can be challenging to know what to do next. Can you rebuild and begin anew, or has the damage been irreversible? Learn to navigate broken trust and strengthen relationships through understanding and communication.

Why consider becoming a trust gardener?
Creating a safe and secure work environment is crucial for building trust. This workshop provides a hands-on approach to achieving that, starting with fostering a trust-filled environment within the course itself. By experiencing the benefits of a trust-centered work culture, you will learn why being a trust gardener is essential for success in both your personal and professional life.

What are the benefits of trust gardening?
This workshop helps you become confident in managing and trusting in unpredictable situations. It also allows you to trust individuals and cultures that may be unfamiliar to you. Most importantly, you will learn how to preserve the trust you have established. By becoming a Trust Gardener, you will acquire essential skills that will enhance your personal and professional relationships.

What is the connection between "Trust Gardening" and future-focused leadership?
As a trust gardener, you have the potential to elevate your organization and work environment to new heights. By fostering a safe and trustworthy workplace, you'll create a setting where work can flourish. With a natural curiosity and a desire to assist others, you'll excel in uncertain situations and be motivated to share your knowledge. Just as a trust gardener tends to their trust-seeds, you will nurture and cultivate trust within your workplace, positioning yourself as a visionary leader with an eye towards the future.

Experience the fusion of performance art, expert insights, and engaging "aha" moments in this dynamic workshop

Experiential learning
Full day or 2 half days
Online and Offline
Networking & Mentoring included

Experiential Learning

Elements designed specifically to discover your talents, strengthen your capabilities, and let you instantly feel the positive impacts - learning directly integrated into your time at home or at the workplace.

Real-life and online workshop

We can offer this workshop both offline in real-life at your location or at one of our partners location. Or we can offer a unique online experience.

Networking & Mentoring

A couple of weeks after your workshop we invite all the participants for a one hour online group session. To discuss experiences and network with each other.

Who's this for?

The Trust Gardener program is tailored for executives, leaders, and key team members seeking to proactively guide their organization and themselves towards success in the face of future challenges. This program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to take a proactive approach to leadership and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to lead their company forward.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Make this experience unforgettable by including a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This option is available for both online and in-person workshop participants, providing a unique opportunity to enhance your learning experience with a memorable meal.
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What is the location of this workshop?

We offer these workshops both in real-life as online. We can come to your office or organize a location near you.

Can I book this workshop for my team?

Yes you can! We would love to work with you and discuss special needs and wishes for your team.

What is the maximum capacity of this workshop?

For an intimate experience we recommend 10 - 20 persons. We also have experience with bigger events and groups up to thousands. During the onboarding of your project we will discuss what works best for your workshop

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