Trust Gardener

Life is built on trust.
Trust in yourself and your own skills, trust in your partner, trust in your co-workers. But how do you handle trust that’s been broken? Can you move on and start over, or has the trust been permanently damaged?

Why should you think about becoming a trust gardener?

To build trust it’s important to establish and stimulate a safe work environment. Within this course we start by creating that for ourselves so you learn first hand on what the effects and benefits are.

What will trust gardening help me with?
Learn how to navigate and trust in the process within the unexpected. Recognise how to trust when things aren’t in control. To trust other personalities and cultures you’re not familiar with. But above all: how to maintain the trust you’ve built.

What does “trust gardening” have to do with leading into the future?
By becoming a trust gardener you are able to get your company and work environment to the next level. You are able to create such a safe and trustworthy working place, the work will do itself. You have a natural curiosity and love to help colleagues in need. You thrive in the unknown and are keen to teach. Like a real trust gardener you tend and nourish your planted trust seeds.

A workshop that combines performing art, expert talks and playful aha moments

Experiential learning
Full day or 2 half days
Online and Offline
Networking & Mentoring included

Experiential Learning

Elements designed specifically to discover your talents, strengthen your capabilities, and let you instantly feel the positive impacts - learning directly integrated into your time at home or at the workplace.

Real-life and online workshop

We can offer this workshop both offline in real-life at your location or at one of our partners location. Or we can offer a unique online experience.

Networking & Mentoring

A couple of weeks after your workshop we invite all the participants for a one hour online group session. To discuss experiences and network with each other.

Who's this for?

Trust Gardener is designed for executives, leaders and key team members who want to take the lead and prepare themselves and the company for the challenges ahead.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Want to make this experience something to remember ? Add a breakfast, lunch or dinner. We offer this add-on to both online as real-life workshop experiences.
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What is the location of this workshop?

We offer these workshops both in real-life as online. We can come to your office or organize a location near you.

Can I book this workshop for my team?

Yes you can! We would love to work with you and discuss special needs and wishes for your team.

What is the maximum capacity of this workshop?

For an intimate experience we recommend 10 - 20 persons. We also have experience with bigger events and groups up to thousands. During the onboarding of your project we will discuss what works best for your workshop

Listen, watch and read

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