Roanne van Voorst

Anthropologist of the future and science advisor

Researcher, journalist, 6x published author, public speaker, podcaster, and mother. Dr Roanne Van Voorst's ambitions can best be described in her own words: "I want to make the world a little bit more kind, and human beings a little bit more understanding towards each other." As an Anthropologist of the future, her work is built around ensuring a sustainable, desirable, and practically achievable future for our world. It is through this, alongside her Presidency of the Dutch Future Society and numerous public speaking engagements, that Roanne became a co-founder of Hatch. Roanne's professional credits include conducting research around the world, from Inuit villages in Greenland, to the slums of Jakarta, to the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research where she earned her PhD. Roanne also consults for the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) and the International Institute of Social Studies.