Mary Jane Roy

Hatch incubator

Mary Jane is a corporate well-being adviser, facilitator & presenter, creating employee resiliency skills to build 'staying power’. She is certified as: Stress Counselor | Happiness @ Work Coach | Foundations of Positive Psychology, Univ. of Penn | Sleep coach | NLP Master Practitioner | HeartMath Resiliency Coach. Her early career, with a specialty in cardiovascular diagnostics as a Military Nursing Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, has further supported her. Her Belief? With the proper knowledge & tools, we all can improve our resiliency to what life brings onto our path AND thrive in life. Her Goals? Creating waves of personal well-being awareness, so that the individual within an organization makes the right choices for themselves. Ensuring that inclusive leadership occurs in my life-time! Sometimes a ripple can have far-reaching effects. Her Values and Character Strengths? resilient (of course!); dependable; perseverance; honesty; humor; love of learning; curiosity; equality; grateful #livingfrommyheart (while being navigated by my brain!)