Ennio ‘BLESZ’ Burleson

MC & Poet

Ennio ‘BLESZ’ Burleson is an Amsterdam-based sound designer, producer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the Burgundy Productions foundation, owner of the Burgundy Sound Studio, host of the Word Up platform and producer of the Word Up Podcast series. These platforms all create spaces for talented creatives and promote diversity, inclusion, and personal development. Ennio’s artistic expression is through spoken word poetry, MC'ing and DJ'ing. His style is versatile but recognizable and his works are characterized by honesty, love, passion and criticism. From an early age he has been obsessed with music and lyricism and to be able to share this across the world definitely is a blessing. Currently, he is involved in several international spoken word and music projects and counting down until the world opens up again to create memories with audiences.