Diederik Nas

Hatch Incubator

Diederik's mission is to increase awareness, liberty of choice and compassion in people's lives and work environments. As a change leadership facilitator, he supports leaders in teams and organisations to build trust, getting aligned on a purposeful direction and to take ownership of their mindsets and behaviours. With a background in hospitality management and lean consultancy, he has learned the importance of listening to what people say, and especially what they are not saying. Enabling leaders to unlock their full potential and building high performance teams is what makes him passionate! One of his specialities is large scale organizational (culture) transformations based on a strong believe that people transform, rather than organisations. Diederik partners, co–creates and drives a transformation side–by–side with clients, preferably for a longer period to experience and be confronted with the impact and result of the sustainable change. Clients value his ability to create strong connections, his can-do mindset leading to real impact, his care for others and his positive perspectives. He lives his values of trust, ownership, excellence and courage in all he does. And when slowing down, Diederik enjoys to spend time with his loved ones and he is passionate about cooking, working out, running, skiing and 'facilitating' field hockey matches.