Vanessa Monsequeira

Harnessing nature's wisdom to lead resilient, efficient and diverse organizations
22 May 2024
14:00 - 20:00 including dinner
Hortus Botanical Garden Amsterdam
€ 499,00 

About Vanessa Monsequeira

Vanessa (Ness) Monsequeira, a global People & Culture leader, embraces her corporate hippy persona to revitalize organizations worldwide. Ness has consistently energized leaders and teams to soar toward their organizational objectives by enhancing both team impact and team health.

Drawing from her passion for nature and her background in psychology, neuroscience, and human-centered design, Ness infuses her work with the wisdom of natural systems. Her vibrant approach to leadership and organizational development is rooted in nature's blueprints, harnessing its principles to foster resilience and efficiency within organizations.

With a career dedicated to merging people and technology for environmental and social sustainability, Ness stands out as a pioneer in nature-inspired leadership.

The objectives at this Chef's Table are:

  • Explore Regenerative Design: Discover how regenerative design principles can shape sustainable organizational practices and foster long-term resilience.
  • Cultivate Nature-Inspired Leadership: Learn to integrate nature's wisdom into leadership strategies for innovation, resilience, and organizational health.
  • Embrace the Adaptive Cycle: Explore nature's adaptive cycle and learn to apply its principles to navigate change, resilience, and growth within your organization

What is Chef's Table

Imagine learning to cook from a master chef. They wouldn't just hand you a recipe (read it) – they'd let you watch them cook (see), explain techniques (hear), help you chop vegetables (touch), and finally, savor the finished dish (taste). That's the power of multi-sensory learning with an expert: it creates a richer, more memorable experience that translates to deeper understanding and tastier results (or, in your business context, better outcomes).

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