Charles Hale

Sharpen your competitive edge by defining how your audience perceives your unique value.
26 June 2024
14:00 - 20:00 including dinner
Commandantswoning, Marineterrein Amsterdam
€ 499,00 

About Charles Hale

As a hands-on (digital) brand strategist and activatorI have a track record in guiding and inspiring companies and teams to translate goals and insights into creative, motivating, activating concepts and campaigns. Great passion for human behaviour, brands, digital, design and technology.

What is Chef's Table?

Imagine learning to cook from a master chef. They wouldn't just hand you a recipe (read it) – they'd let you watch them cook (see), explain techniques (hear), help you chop vegetables (touch), and finally, savor the finished dish (taste). That's the power of multi-sensory learning with an expert: it creates a richer, more memorable experience that translates to deeper understanding and tastier results (or, in your business context, better outcomes).

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