We are living in exciting times.

New realities and technologies rapidly and radically change the way we live and work. Fast-paced digitalization increases our convenience, boosts our efficiency and rockets our productivity. It however also amplifies our dependency. In the new normality and comfort of our digital lives we tend to neglect our ability to think critically, act purposefully and connect meaningfully.
Yet it’s these innate human capabilities you need in order to adapt and thrive through all the challenges the future will bring. That's why Hatch helps you cultivate your unique abilities that technology can’t replicate. During immersive learning experiences and real life experiments you strengthen your creativity, curiosity, imagination, as well as empathy, human communication and resilience.

It’s all there, all it takes is practice

We are faced with an opportunity to free ourselves from mind-numbing, repetitive and low value-added tasks that take up a lot of our time, and shift our attention towards leveraging what we do best as humans.
To embrace that opportunity and get the best out of the changes ahead, we need to start nurturing our human capabilities–those uniquely human traits that will contribute to a more humane and healthier society, and become the new differentiator across work and life.
The enduring human capabilities we are talking about are present in all of us, they are timeless and can be used by everyone. Think of them as muscles–empathy, creativity, curiosity, resilience… We all possess them,even though some of them may be atrophied through lack of use. But just like muscles, human capabilities strengthen swiftly once one starts to use them.

Our Collective mission

How it has been going until now...
Triumphing the force of rationality
Silo'ed work
Attempting to control
Working remote
Fitting life into work
Avoiding difficult conversations at work
What we need to develop...
Recognizing the power of intuition
Navigating uncertainty
Working distributed
Building work around your life
Conscious risk taking
Celebrating failing towards success
Mastering complex conversations and polarisation

Our roots

Hatch is founded and driven by futurists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs and artists. The team specialises in the future of work and leadership, working with people from all over the world to thrive in capabilities that are considered keys to success in future times. Topics are: developing courageous leadership and changemakers in-company, finding focus in hyper-distracting times  and 'unmachining oneself', aka strengthening human capabilities of the future, in times of robotization and technological progress.

Our Team

Community Manager
Aafke de Groot
Chief People Officer
Derek Bruce
Resident artist
Hatch Incubator
Diederik Nas
Hatch Incubator
Mary Jane Roy
Anthropologist of the future and science advisor
Roanne van Voorst
Fire starter and founder Hatch
Martijn Boomsma