Your courage
as a future leader

16 weeks programme incl. personal support and 8 live Hatch Labs.
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Your courage as a future leader

Being agile, self-steering and entrepreneurial means to be courageous to challenge the status quo.
Be aware of how resilient you already are and how much more you have in you. Getting back on your feet when your first attempts fail is just as important as getting back on your feet after your 10th attempt.

Resilience is about bouncing back and trying from a different angle as it is about letting go and shifting your focus.
Develop your courage to pitch your brilliant ideas relevant for the business be it a radical new way of working, or a redesign of work spaces, or a new exploration case on a niche area.

Muscle up your courage:

16 weeks programme incl. 8 live Coffee Klatches and 8 live Hatch Labs.

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Make more courageous decisions in both your personal and working lives.
Be your true self at all times and become an agent for change – working towards diversity and inclusivity.
Communicate with an aura of success and self-confidence.
Become more agile, self-steering and entrepreneurial in how you think and act.
Challenge the status quo and trust your instinct or intuition.
Bounce back from setbacks with ease by trying again from a different angle, letting go or shifting your focus until you succeed.
Experiment with new thoughts, out-of-the-box ideas and innovative solutions.
Go far beyond what you knew and boost your network, knowledge and inspiration levels.

Experiental learning

Real-life experiments

In Hatch we believe that theoretical knowledge is important; but it are real life experiments that become immersive learning experiences. We guide you into scientifically-grounded and track-proven practices, that will offer you instant result. Everything starts with taking the first difficult step in our learning experiences so that we push ourselves to find the hidden capabilities we have.


After experimentation and experiencing, comes understanding. We support you in consciously reflecting on your own practices, and recognizing how newly-learned behaviours and improved capabilities will help you reach your future goals.


The more individual reflections are shared between the people in our community, the more visible the connections, similarities, and possibilities will become. This will not just create another level of awareness and process of learning; it will also expand your network and bring you new breezes of inspiration! 

Including 8 x Hatch Labs

What does courage at work mean for you, personally?

We all have a personal understanding and association with courage...we read and show courageous behavior differently... and at work, it even gets trickier. Join us in this session to find meaning and make sense of 'courage at work' together with fellow participants through sharing your stories and tips&tricks.

Deep Dive: unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is something that you can run but you cannot hide. We all have it, we all use it; that is the reality. However, being aware of our biases and their implications in our interactions might open our eyes. In this deep dive, we are going to look at the connection between 'inclusion' and 'unconscious bias' while identifying our own biases and discussing what we can do about them.

Deep Dive: inclusion and diversity

Another quite popular topic of today's world. We put our Hatch twist to it by putting some difficult questions on the table and help each other to push our own and collective boundaries by sharing, discussing and aiming to create shared meaning about 'inclusion' and 'diversity'. This is the first step to become an ambassador of this topic not only in your daily life but especially at work.

Courageous leadership

What are the new skills that are required from a courageous leader? what makes a leader courageous? The topic is focused on leadership, and let's give you a little hint: leadership is not about carrying a title.

Difficult conversations

We all have been there....dreading to call a colleague in for a meeting knowing that it may not go well, or sitting restlessly opposite a colleague receiving feedback in the most uncomfortable way not knowing how to react...Is there a way out of such instances? What makes these meetings so 'difficult'? In this session, we will dissect difficult conversations,  turn the pieces upside down, inside out and reframe our attitude, equip ourselves with some hints and tips to support us along the way.

Practising failing at work – cultures of fear vs innovation

The future demands we dare to be innovative. Only if you dare to think and act differently, you might be able to reach BIG success. But this can be hard: trying means you sometimes fail, or are confronted with insecurities. In this thematic session, we help you develop a culture of courageous trying and innovation, and communicate vulnerable yet courageous.

Deep Dive: setting boundaries

How good are you at setting boundaries at work, towards your colleagues? Let us help you clarify your own standards, values and boundaries in this thematic session, and introduce a practical communication tool that will help you express your boundaries in a way that clears up your calendar and headspace, while remaining loyal and effective at work.

Nice boys and girls don't get the corner office – standing up for yourself in the workplace.

Making a career does not just depend off the quality of work: it also depends off to what extent you are seen and valued by your boss and colleagues. In this session, we teach you how you can 'show off' your accomplishments, in a non-annoying or arrogant way; and how to negotiate in a nice, but effective way.

Is this programme right for me ?


Without exploration, there can be no innovation. Explore innovative solutions to common issues such as corporate governance, legacy technology and legal barriers, as well as company culture and politics.Learn how to keep ahead of the game by'muscling up' your and your team's courage, resilience, innovation and critical thinking. As a leader or key team member, work on a range of skills to become the agent of change your organization needs to implement positive and inclusive communication and strategies.

Start-ups & scale-ups

What works today won't necessarily work tomorrow, especially in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of start-ups and scale-ups.Learn to think quickly and respond rapidly, both individually and collectively, while creating a culture of innovation and freeing your team from modern-day distractions and other insecurities.

Government organizations

Climate change, economic crises and pandemics are just a few of the political and societal challenges facing government bodies and agencies in the modern age. They demand courage and resilience of our politicians and civil servants.Learn to function even more effectively as a team, build a democratic and inclusive system and lead by example.

How is the programme structured?

Module 1 : Courage in the workplace (2 weeks)

Understand: Why are courage and resilience so important at work - now and in the future? How they can be shadowed by fear and uncertainty? Learn to recognise patterns in your own behaviour in work related situations.

Module 2: Strengthen your courage & build new behaviours (2 weeks)

To experiment on: Patterns that we like, we want to change
To observe and recognize: Certain behaviours of others at work
To learn: How your colleagues come across this way.
To design: Your own take on how your strengths, your good behaviours and some other behaviours you like of your colleagues and make it your own. 

Module 3: A stronger you as a change agent – part 1 (2 weeks)

To continue to work with: Strengthening the ‘courage’ and ‘resilience’ muscles.
Testing and trying adoption of new behaviours.
To identify: The ‘good’ behaviours and pre-conditions that create an inclusive environment.

Module 4: A stronger you as a change agent – part 2 (2 weeks)

To design: An approach to create an inclusive, open work environment where all colleagues feel supported, encouraged.
To share the approach with your management team.

Second Phase : Connect (8 weeks)

Online support & connection with our community. Continue with your peers and join live sessions

Third Phase : Hatch

Un-comfortability counselling’ end-gathering to commit to accountability and receive final tips by our uncomfortability-experts on your progress

Use our experiments to strengthen your future-proof capabilities and instantly feel the positive impacts - both on your personal life and at the workplace
Future Leaders
We are there for high potentials seeking to broaden their abilities and increase their agility,  and opportunities
Satisfaction warranty
When you rate us less then a 8 (out of 10) we will do our best to make it an 8 or higher. If that still didn't help we will pay back 100% of your investment.
8 Hatch Labs
Including bi-weekly Hatch Labs to experiment with and learn from each other.
Lots of fun
We don't do boring, theoretical trainings. We offer you real-life experiments, instant evidence, amazement and fun.
8 Coffee Klatches
Including bi-weekly and rolling coffee klatches to mentor and get to know each other.

Future leader: muscle up your courage

2 months with 4 modules of 2 weeks
Plus 2 months habit building and implementation support
8 Hatch Labs (live online)
8 Coffee klatches (live online)
Personal support
Excl. 21% VAT
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Josja van der Maas
"Recently had the privilege to be part of one of the experiential learning programs of Hatch. I am amazed to share that something that looked liked a tough experiment ‘to ditch the digital distractions’ after 2 months is still continuing to deliver- YES it works! This is one of the few learning programs i’ve ever joined that have helped me establish a lasting change in me."
Lianne Heite
Havas Lemz
"Two weeks ago I joined an experiential learning program of Hatch, since I find it important to keep inspiring and developing myself. It feels like a great decision already! All elements of the program are developed and conducted with care and dedication: the theory presented is spot-on and immediately applicable, the live sessions are hosted very professional and sharing experiences with the other participants is truly inspiring, the learning tools work great, even the notebook feels like a treasure. I can’t wait for the rest of the program to rollout and experiment with an array of new ideas and behavioural techniques."
Ananta Khemradj
"Being part of Hatch gave me a great opportunity to explore my learning journey with other people. Reflecting on different topics and sharing them with others not only creates a great bond with people, but it helps you to gain new perspectives as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with Hatch."

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