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Muscle Up Your Courage

2 months course plus 2 months of community & online support
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Leaders of the future are Courageous

Being agile, self-steering and entrepreneurial means to be courageous to challenge the status quo.
Be aware of how resilient you already are and how much more you have in you. Getting back on your feet when your first attempts fail is just as important as getting back on your feet after your 10th attempt.

Resilience is about bouncing back and trying from a different angle as it is about letting go and shifting your focus.
Develop your courage to pitch your brilliant ideas relevant for the business be it a radical new way of working, or a redesign of work spaces, or a new exploration case on a niche area.

"The most important capabilities for future success are courage and resilience" 

Why is this important?

Make more courageous decisions on work-and life projects and become a vulnerable and succesful leader
Be yourself at all times, and become a change agent for inclusivity
Communicate with an aura of succes and selfconfidence:  whether that is a radically new strategy, redesign of workspace, or embarking on a new exploration case in a niche area
Become more agile, selfsteering and entrepreneurial in daily work and thinking
Challenge the status quo, whenever you just know that that's the right thing to do
Bounce back with ease, try from a different angle, let go, shift your focus and get back on your feet after failure- until you succeed
Experiment with new thoughts, innovative solutions and out of the box-ideas
Go far beyond what you knew - and find new networks, knowledge and inspiration on your path to success

Experiental learning

Real-life experiments

In Hatch we believe that theoretical knowledge is important; but it are real life experiments that become immersive learning experiences. We guide you into scientifically-grounded and track-proven practices, that will offer you instant result. Everything starts with taking the first difficult step in our learning experiences so that we push ourselves to find the hidden capabilities we have.


After experimentation and experiencing, comes understanding. We support you in consciously reflecting on your own practices, and recognizing how newly-learned behaviours and improved capabilities will help you reach your future goals.


The more individual reflections are shared between the people in our community, the more visible the connections, similarities, and possibilities will become. This will not just create another level of awareness and process of learning; it will also expand your network and bring you new breezes of inspiration! 

Who is this course for?

Muscle Up Your Courage is suitable for anyone who would like to make inmpact within life, work and environment. To strengthen and build on courage, resilience and other future-capabilities, particularly the urgent capability of inclusive thinking and working. Since it is experiential rather than theoretical, every participant will have their own ‘a-ha’ moments at different stages. No preparation is required; all we need for you to succeed is you, your curiosity and the commitment to experiment with teachings in real life.

Though most participants  regard it as an excellent pathway to career success; Muscle Up Your Courage can also be used for non-work situations. After all, learning how to develop a more courageous and resilient mindsel, or to work agile and in more inclusive ways, is not only about mastering a new process or set of exercises and tools. It's also about learning how to experiment and strengthen you as a human and your human capabilities.

What will you learn?

Product Innovators

Learn to experiment. Test new ideas in real work-life.
Recognize your courage and resilience muscles - then strengthen them.
Think further out of the box. Dare to be radically innovative in your thinking.
Learn how to become a change agent for inclusivity.

Marketing & Sales

Pitch your brilliant ideas with ease; speak with confidence
Understand how to develop your courage and resilience muscles. Dare more.
Bounce back after setbacks and reshift your focus on new channels, concepts, platforms and angles.
Learn how to become a change agent for inclusivity.

Leaders, Founders & C-suite

Learn to experiment. Test new management styles and behaviour.
Challenge the status quo and develop a critical, yet constructive thinking-mode.
Bounce back after setbacks and reshift your focus on what you can achieve
Learn how to make your company, department or community more inclusive.

Programme Overview

Module 1 : Courage at work (2 weeks)

Understand: Why are courage and resilience so important at work - now and in the future? How they can be shadowed by fear and uncertainty? Learn to recognise patterns in your own behaviour in work related situations.

Module 2: Strengthen the courage within and build new behaviours that you choose to have (2 weeks)

To experiment on: Patterns that we like, we want to change
To observe and recognize: Certain behaviours of others at work
To learn: How your colleagues come across this way.
To design: Your own take on how your strengths, your good behaviours and some other behaviours you like of your colleagues and make it your own. 

Module 3: The stronger you as a change agent – Part 1 (2 weeks)

To continue to work with: Strengthening the ‘courage’ and ‘resilience’ muscles.
Testing and trying adoption of new behaviours.
To identify: The ‘good’ behaviours and pre-conditions that create an inclusive environment.

Module 4: The stronger you as a change agent – Part 2 (2 weeks)

To design: An approach to create an inclusive, open work environment where all colleagues feel supported, encouraged.
To share the approach with your management team.

Second Phase : Connect (2 months)

Online support & connection with our community. Continue with your peers and join live sessions

Third Phase : Hatch

Un-comfortability counselling’ end-gathering to commit to accountability and receive final tips by our uncomfortability-experts on your progress

Use our experiments to strengthen your future-proof capabilities and instantly feel the positive impacts - both on your personal life and at the workplace
High Potentials
We are there for high potentials seeking to broaden their abilities and increase their agility,  and opportunities
Satisfaction warranty
When you rate us less then a 8 (out of 10) we will do our best to make it an 8 or higher. If that still didn't help we will pay back 100% of your investment.
8 live sessions
The programming is rolling and rotating so you will never have to miss anything. All from the convenience of your home or office
A Lot of Fun
We don't do boring, theoretical trainings. We offer you real-life experiments, instant evidence, amazement and fun.
Friendly Support
Our team of professionals, sciencetist and coaches will support you through your programme.

Impact Maker : Muscle Up Your Courage

2 months with 4 modules of 2 weeks
Plus 2 months habit building and implementation support
8 thematic rolling online live sessions
Fun and online live celebration dinner event
Personal support
Excl. 21% VAT
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