There’s an urgent need for reskilling.

Forty percent of current workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next five years, which means…
half of all workers will need reskilling by 2025.

Many of the jobs we know today will disappear because an algorithm or robot can do the work far more efficiently or because there'll simply no longer be any demand. Conversely, many new jobs will emerge that we can't even conceive of today!

One thing's for sure – all jobs will change in some way or another. And only the 'future-proof' among us will survive and go on to thrive in these ever-changing or newly emerging jobs.
Futurists, social scientists and consultants (McKinsey) believe that automation and artificial intelligence will transform the workplace as we increasingly start interacting with ever-smarter machines.

For individuals, organizations and society alike. For good and for bad. Human-machine interaction will undoubtedly help us boost productivity, performance and prosperity. But widespread automation and robotization mean less humanity.

The rise of the algorithm means the demise of empathy, connection and nuance. Will we as citizens and workers find this new world too harsh, rigid, alien or even inhumane? Either way, we'll have to adapt as human beings. If we fail to move with the times and learn new skills and abilities, we may become redundant in the future global economy. Demand for certain skills and competences will increase.

For others, such as physical or manual skills, it will decrease.As individuals, we'll have to strengthen existing skills and acquire new ones, and as organizations, we'll have to rethink how we arrange and manage the workplace of the future.

We help enterprises future-proof themselves

In order to become future-proof you must be able to experiment with different behaviours and attitudes. To create an environment and culture where failure and vulnerability are accepted and a foundation for growth.

We believe that sustainable growth comes from within. Start with your own organization and people by strengthen their human capability.

We have these capabilities and skills already – or at least the ability to acquire them. Think of this ability as a muscle. And just like our muscles, it's: Use them or lose them! With regular training, we can get stronger very quickly. Or by sitting on the couch watching Netflix every day, we can get weaker and weaker as our muscles waste away.

We offer programmes to professionals, (future) leaders and change agents to strenghten your human capalility for more creativity, courageous leadership and focus on the things that matter to you in an increasingly distracting world.

Our programmes

We offer programmes to professionals, (future) leaders and change agents to strenghten your human capability for more creative, courageous leadership and focus on the things that matter to you in an increasingly distracting world.

Muscle up your courage

Change agent: create a fearless and inclusive future by boosting your courage and resilience.

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Ditch the distractions

Professional: rocket your future productivity and fulfillment by mastering your focus.

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Un-machine yourself

Future leader: thrive in the technology-driven future by enhancing your innate human capabilities.

Summer 2021

On-demand learning

On-demand and connected at the same time! Experiment at your own pace, time and location. Join weekly live Coffee klatches and Hatch labs. Receive unique learning materials and personal support.


Josja van der Maas
"Recently had the privilege to be part of one of the experiential learning programs of Hatch. I am amazed to share that something that looked liked a tough experiment ‘to ditch the digital distractions’ after 2 months is still continuing to deliver- YES it works! This is one of the few learning programs i’ve ever joined that have helped me establish a lasting change in me."
Lianne Heite
Havas Lemz
"Two weeks ago I joined an experiential learning program of Hatch, since I find it important to keep inspiring and developing myself. It feels like a great decision already! All elements of the program are developed and conducted with care and dedication: the theory presented is spot-on and immediately applicable, the live sessions are hosted very professional and sharing experiences with the other participants is truly inspiring, the learning tools work great, even the notebook feels like a treasure. I can’t wait for the rest of the program to rollout and experiment with an array of new ideas and behavioural techniques."
Ananta Khemradj
"Being part of Hatch gave me a great opportunity to explore my learning journey with other people. Reflecting on different topics and sharing them with others not only creates a great bond with people, but it helps you to gain new perspectives as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with Hatch."

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