There’s an urgent need for reskilling.

Forty percent of current workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next five years, which means…
half of all workers will need reskilling by 2025.

Transferable skills will be the most valuable assets for the future, because they are the core of building human capital.The more the workforce and leadership are aware of those, the easier it would become to make decisions on business growth, people development, investment opportunities on improving both business and people.

Through identification of transferable skills can the companies make more conscious decision on which roles would require reskilling investments, and where internal deployment with strong induction based on the transferable skills would be good enough.

Hatch is about...

...strengthening human capabilities
Muscling up for whatever is thrown our way, be it at work or in our private lives, we rely on certain skills, attitude and of course knowledge. With Hatch, you build a toolkit that is for you.

...supporting businesses with transferable skills and reskilling opportunities
Based on science and skills of the future, constantly keeping the pulse of the economy, and business life, Hatch offers learning experiences focused on the core skills and human capabilities that will help workforces and leadership to build a strong foundation to accelerate in reskilling efforts.

...making experimentation and failing forward an integral part of our lives
With our 3 dimensional and immersive experience as the driver for learning, Hatchees start building new habits which integrate experimentation and learning from failures into everyday life.

3-dimensional learning experience

The need and ways of learning are changing rapidly.


Occurring all the time in an ongoing way


Unfolding in multiple areas of life at once


Accelerating at an increasingly rapid rate

What will your employees learn?


Innovation is about exploration. How to deal with corporate governance and obstacles from the past, such as legacy technology and legal barriers? And not to forget issues around company culture and politics?
Employees who develop their courage , resilience, innovative and critical thinking capabilities will be able to stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, leaders and key team members with improved human skills, will become change agents for positive and inclusive communication and strategizing in your company.


Todays successful methods can be outdated tomorrow.
Growing your company means steering while driving super fast. That means you need a workforce that can think and act quickly when needed, and wisely where possible. Develop a culture of innovation and focus; free your employees of modern distractions and insecurities that hold them back in reaching goals.


Dealing with changing politics, society and challenges (new world order, economical crisis, pandemics to name a few) takes courage and resilience.
How to be the best possible-functioning team, and a democratic, inclusive organisation at the same time is one of the most relevant questions of our time, as wider society expects our governments to lead by example.

Our online learning system:

On-demand and connected Learn at your own pace, time and location. Join live Coffee Klatches and Hatch Labs


Josja van der Maas
"Recently had the privilege to be part of one of the experiential learning programs of Hatch. I am amazed to share that something that looked liked a tough experiment ‘to ditch the digital distractions’ after 2 months is still continuing to deliver- YES it works! This is one of the few learning programs i’ve ever joined that have helped me establish a lasting change in me."
Lianne Heite
Havas Lemz
"Two weeks ago I joined an experiential learning program of Hatch, since I find it important to keep inspiring and developing myself. It feels like a great decision already! All elements of the program are developed and conducted with care and dedication: the theory presented is spot-on and immediately applicable, the live sessions are hosted very professional and sharing experiences with the other participants is truly inspiring, the learning tools work great, even the notebook feels like a treasure. I can’t wait for the rest of the program to rollout and experiment with an array of new ideas and behavioural techniques."
Ananta Khemradj
"Being part of Hatch gave me a great opportunity to explore my learning journey with other people. Reflecting on different topics and sharing them with others not only creates a great bond with people, but it helps you to gain new perspectives as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with Hatch."

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