On Demand Learning Development

Hatch offers an Immersive and Experiential learning methods to strengthen your workforce's human capabilities.

In a time where humans increasingly rely on technology, more and more experts argue that there exists a specifiic set of capabilities that individuals, leaders and organisations need to develop, to become future-proof.

Our team consists of experienced business-owners, futurists, anthropologists, trainers, design thinkers, strategists, public speakers and creatives. Together, we have specialized in helping individuals and companies to become future-proof, by developing their workforces' courage, resilience, inclusivity, focus, innovative thinking, creativity and other, critical human capabilities.

We work with a unique blended-learning methodology, that combines scientifically grounded and track-proven real-life experiments, with  thoughtprovoking inspiration and all-sensory experiences that will offer fresh perspectives to even the most skeptical or stuck-thinkers in your organisation.

Whilst future-scenarioists warn that in 2030, 65% of all jobs may have disappeared; we believe that people with well-developed human capabilities will never be made redundant. Instead, they - and the organisations they work for - will thrive in the future of our society

Experiential learning


In Hatch we believe that theoretical knowledge is important; but it are real life experiments that become immersive learning experiences. We guide you into scientifically-grounded and track-proven practices, that will offer you instant result. Everything starts with taking the first difficult step in our learning experiences so that we push ourselves to find the hidden capabilities we have.


After experimentation and experiencing, comes understanding. We support you in consciously reflecting on your own practices, and recognizing how newly-learned behaviours and improved capabilities will help you reach your future goals.


The more individual reflections are shared between the people in our community, the more visible the connections, similarities, and possibilities will become. This will not just create another level of awareness and process of learning; it will also expand your network and bring you new breezes of inspiration!

Ask yourself the following questions

Before you buy in a series of scrum masters courses for your trainees, invest in lean management workshops; design thinking skills or one more growth hacking course - we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

Are we future-proof in our team, department or organisation?
Are we courageous and resilient enough, to find new ways, directions and strategies?
Are we optimised in capabilities like creative and inclusive thinking, future-problem solving and complex communication?
Are the people in my organisation able to focus to succeed and manage the distractions of our times?

If the answer to some of these questions is no, then any investment in traditional training-directions might be a waste of budget, time and energy. If you're unsure what to answer to above questions; we're happy to help you assess your organisations' future capabilities.

What will your employees learn?


Innovation is about exploration. How to deal with corporate governance and obstacles from the past, such as legacy technology and legal barriers? And not to forget issues around company culture and politics?
Employees who develop their courage , resilience, innovative and critical thinking capabilities will be able to stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, leaders and key team members with improved human skills, will become change agents for positive and inclusive communication and strategizing in your company.


Todays successful methods can be outdated tomorrow.
Growing your company means steering while driving super fast. That means you need a workforce that can think and act quickly when needed, and wisely where possible. Develop a culture of innovation and focus; free your employees of modern distractions and insecurities that hold them back in reaching goals.


Dealing with changing politics, society and challenges (new world order, economical crisis, pandemics to name a few) takes courage and resilience.
How to be the best possible-functioning team, and a democratic, inclusive organisation at the same time is one of the most relevant questions of our time, as wider society expects our governments to lead by example.

Enterprise solutions

Hatch offers on demand incompany solutions. We can connect with your LMS. We also love to collaborate with your
platform partners and other suppliers.

On top of the online, self-paced immersive learning experiences programmes we offer a variety of blended educational products and services.

Events, Talks & Workshops

Hatch can organise an interesting talk by experts and experienced public speakers about human capabilities, working into the future and other relevant topics.
Our team is also happy to organise kick-off workshops and surprising, exclusive dinners (in house, our locations or at home).

Learning Goals Assessment

We understand that each person and each company is different. With our Learning Goals Assessment we research the current state and the desired. Based on this advice we advise on how to proceed.

Learning subscription

Our programmes consists of thematic modules. We can combine these modules or even create a completely new on-demand track, based on the learning goals assessment that was made especially for your workforce.

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