We help enterprises future-proof themselves

In order to become future-proof you must be able to experiment with different behaviours and attitudes. To create an environment and culture where failure and vulnerability are accepted and a foundation for growth.

We believe that sustainable growth comes from within. Start with your own organization and people by strengthen their human capability.

On Demand Learning

On top of our three immersive learning programmes we offer on demand services such as stand alone workshops, events and curriculum development.

Curriculum Development

We can design and develop a learning experience based on your needs.

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We love events! We can help you with dinners, talks, mini master classes and power sessions. Our founders are experienced speakers and can also speak or host an interactive workshop at your event or team meeting.

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Josja van der Maas
"Recently had the privilege to be part of one of the experiential learning programs of Hatch. I am amazed to share that something that looked liked a tough experiment ‘to ditch the digital distractions’ after 2 months is still continuing to deliver- YES it works! This is one of the few learning programs i’ve ever joined that have helped me establish a lasting change in me."
Esther Kersten
Esther Kersten, Vanderlande’s Global Sustainability Officer, explained why her company selected this particular programme, ‘We’ll only be able to achieve our sustainability goals if we act together as diverse and courageous individuals. And I believe courage is like a muscle that needs training. The stronger this muscle becomes, the greater the strides we take towards becoming a sustainable, inclusive organization. That’s why Vanderlande opted for the Muscle up your courage immersive learning programme.’
Ananta Khemradj
"Being part of Hatch gave me a great opportunity to explore my learning journey with other people. Reflecting on different topics and sharing them with others not only creates a great bond with people, but it helps you to gain new perspectives as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with Hatch."

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