Ditch the distractions

The 12 weeks Ditch the distractions programme is designed for all Professionals

Experiential learning
Weekly live sessions (incl Hatch Labs)
Online learning with rich media
Unique materials, both online and physical
Personal guidance and support
Connect with peers from other organizations and abroad

Focus on the things that matter to you in an increasingly distracting world

We are living in exciting times. New realities and technology rapidly and radically change the way we live and work. There is an overload of information: we are processing breaking news, managing unrealistic deadlines at work, indulging in instagram posts & tiktok dances, fielding home-schooling instructions, constantly reading emails… you name it.

This noise makes it increasingly difficult to focus on things that matter the most.
You may think that in order to create more focus, you need more time; or need to become better at managing your time.

We’re here to prove you wrong.

Through this programme, you will develop:

A crystal clear understanding of what matters to you
Ruthless courage to ditch the distractions that inevitably try to get in between you and your priorities.
The ability to tune into your energy and actively manage it so that you are fully present in each of these moments that matter

Experiental learning

Real-life experiments

Gather data about yourself, making note of your physical, intellectual & emotional responses to a specific area of focus


Process your findings, identify trends and uncover your own hidden capabilities


Extend your learning by processing with others in your learning community

Including Hatch Labs

Get to the root of procrastination

Have you ever delayed or postponed a task? Did it make you feel lazy and guilty? We have all, of course, fallen prey to the temptations of procrastination. But what if we take the time to identify the root cause of our procrastination and address it? Or even better, what if we acknowledge the times when procrastination may be helping us eventually get to a better outcome?

Honor your not-to do list

In order to truly say yes to our prioritises, we have to say no to the priorities that other people try to impose upon us. This can be particularly difficult when it means saying no to a boss or a colleague that you have historically had difficulty working with. What are some ways we can get comfortable saying no (or re-framing no) in order to say yes?

Stop using time as a measure of productivity

A host of societal norms around how we work are based on the faulty use of time as a  measure of productivity instead of effectiveness. We take many of these norms (like the 9-5 work day) for granted. They are holding us back. How can we take advantage of the current shift towards more flexible, remote working to reframe our mindsets around time and energy, ditch unproductive limiting beliefs, and abandon the guilt associated with leaving them behind?

Give yourself the gift of deep work time

“The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare at exactly the same time it is becoming increasingly valuable in our economy.” - Cal Newport, author of Deep Work.
Deep Work is professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. How can we give ourselves the time and space to engage in more deep work?

Make time for self-care

Achieving a long-term goal is like running a marathon, rather than doing sprints. In order to be successful, we need to care for ourselves like marathon runners. We need to keep up our energy and creativity for months or even years in a row. That might mean making sure we take enough breaks from work, eating healthy, working out, and/or connecting with like-minded people. Nobody else will prioritise any of those things for us. Not the boss, not the partner, not the kids. We don’t get a coach, like marathon runners do. So we have to become our own coaches. How do we define self-care for ourselves and build it intentionally into our lives?

Prioritise for impact at work

Sometimes, it can feel like we are getting pulled in 10 different directions at once. When we have 10 priorities, we have no priorities. None of them get done well. Does your company have a specific, narrow set of priorities? Do you have realistic goals yourself that tie to these priorities so that you can be laser-focused and highly effective? Do you have a sustainable balance of collaborative meeting time and independent thinking / working time to achieve your goals? If the answer to any of those questions is no, what changes will you make to get to yes?

Is this programme right...

For me?

Doing this programme will help ground you in your priorities, build your awareness in spotting the distractions that try to steal you away from what you hold dear, guide you in managing your energy and help you establish routines that enable you to find new balance in your life.

For teams or high-potential employees at my company?

An investment in Ditch the Distractions is an investment in your employees’ ability to maximise their effectiveness and fulfillment at work and outside of work. It is an investment in their ability to achieve balance, when the lines between work and life have blurred, so that they can sustain their impact for your company in the long-term. In equipping your employees with the skill of focus, one that will become more and more critical in our world, you are investing in your own future. 

For my start-up or scale-up leadership team?

Everyone has to wear many hats, run in many directions and tackle completely new challenges every day in a start-up environment. It can be exceedingly difficult to focus and prioritise the things that matter most. By joining Ditch the Distractions, you and your team can learn to separate what’s important from the noise. And in the process, learn to keep work from bleeding into your life and taking over, as start-ups can have a tendency to do.

How is the programme structured?

Module 1 : Get rid of your To-Do list  (3 weeks)

In this module, you will recognise what matters most to you by:
Getting clear on your core values and life priorities
Observing how you currently allocate your time
Observing how your priorities might get shadowed by your never ending to-do list
Observing how it feels to take things off your list and say no (so that you can say yes to more important things!)

Module 2: Don't manage your time. Manage your attention. (3 weeks)

In this module, you will work on bringing focus to your priorities by:
Identifying common distractors and exploring strategies to ditch them
Observing and recognising your optimal energy cycle

Module 3: Re-design your week  (3 weeks)

In this module, you will now put this all into action by designing your ultimate work-life balanced week. In the process, you will:
Identify limiting beliefs you have about time and work
Experience what it looks and feels like to truly live by your priorities
Experiment with transitions between activities that amplify your energy

Module 4: Maintain the momentum, get in the flow (3 weeks)

In this module, let’s see how we can harness the momentum of our two redesigned weeks to create habits that allow us to redesign every week of the year. This will require us to:
Reflect on and define what you want to change to truly prioritise what matters

Hatch Celebration

Un-comfortability counselling’ end-gathering to commit to accountability and receive final tips by our uncomfortability-experts on your progress

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We don't do boring, theoretical trainings. We offer you real-life experiments, instant evidence, amazement and fun.
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Ditch the distractions

12 weeks
Including all materials
Weekly live sessions
Personal support
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Josja van der Maas
"Recently had the privilege to be part of one of the experiential learning programs of Hatch. I am amazed to share that something that looked liked a tough experiment ‘to ditch the digital distractions’ after 2 months is still continuing to deliver- YES it works! This is one of the few learning programs i’ve ever joined that have helped me establish a lasting change in me."
Lianne Heite
Havas Lemz
"Two weeks ago I joined an experiential learning program of Hatch, since I find it important to keep inspiring and developing myself. It feels like a great decision already! All elements of the program are developed and conducted with care and dedication: the theory presented is spot-on and immediately applicable, the live sessions are hosted very professional and sharing experiences with the other participants is truly inspiring, the learning tools work great, even the notebook feels like a treasure. I can’t wait for the rest of the program to rollout and experiment with an array of new ideas and behavioural techniques."
Ananta Khemradj
"Being part of Hatch gave me a great opportunity to explore my learning journey with other people. Reflecting on different topics and sharing them with others not only creates a great bond with people, but it helps you to gain new perspectives as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey with Hatch."

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